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Business Law Practice



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My business law practice involves providing legal services regarding the day-to-day operations and regulations of my clients' businesses.  I typically assist with business formation and transformation, drafting contracts, regulatory compliance, and corporate compliance.  This may include share holder agreements, operating agreements, independent contractor agreements, and state and federal corporate filings.  Recent engagements include:

"I needed a business lawyer to review an amendment to a contract for my small counseling practice. My CPA recommended Charles Kassouf and another attorney. I did a phone interview with both candidates, and was immediately impressed by Charles in his ability to understand both the letter and the spirit of what I needed to accomplish. He was also graciously willing to work off of my first draft in order to save time and fees. He was more thorough and comprehensive in his advice and work product than I had anticipated, and I learned more than I realized I needed to know about business contracts. I plan to use him for another project, and I am glad I have an attorney to consult with when needed in the future."

Posted by Robert, October 26, 2017

  • Represented business owners regarding corporate re-formation, winding up of one LLC, and implementation of buy-sell agreement for continuing LLC.
  • Represented business owner in resolving a dispute with a customer. 
  • Helped develop business plan, drafted terms of use and privacy statement, and filed articles of organization for digital platform start-up.
  • Advised business in expansion into new product area.  Drafted Independent Sales contracts.  Performed due diligence on counterparties.
  • Organized small business LLC, drafted terms of use, non-disclosure and independent contractor agreements.
  • Represented business owner in will contest litigation. Successfully had will admitted to probate, presented evidence, deposed witnesses, made and responded to pleadings and motions.
  • Represented business owner to recover company assets from deceased partner’s estate.