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The market for legal services is very competitive and consumers are more informed than ever before about the choices available to them.  Although it is possible (but in most cases not advisable) to use “off-the-shelf” documents such as a will or an operating agreement, those solutions cannot provide counsel through experience.

That is where I add value.  I draw upon my work in banking and finance to provide my clients with well-reasoned advice that is tailored to their needs.  If you are looking for an attorney who will go beyond the boiler plate and challenge your assumptions to arrive at the best possible solution, I encourage you to contact me.   

Business Succession Planning

  • Provide advice regarding best choice of business structure for new and existing business.
  • Draft general business formation documents and other backbone agreements specific to the business's needs.  
  • Work with the clients to develop and optimize business practices.
  • Provide advice and analysis regarding funding and capitalization options.
  • Discounted cash flow valuations.
  • Develop detailed business plans.

​Estate Planning

  • Assist individuals and their families in planning for retirement by analyzing different estate structures and approaches.  
  • Draft wills, trusts and other vehicles such as life estate deeds to achieve specific goals.
  • Advise trustees regarding acceptable use of trust assets. 
  • Act as trustee or personal representative if so requested.

Business Succession Planning Using A Will in Towson

At the Law Office of Charles R. Kassouf, LLC, every client is the most important client.


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